Columbia River Gorge Couple’s Session

Krystle + Jake – Government Cove, OR

Krystle + Jake ventured out to meet me for their Columbia River Gorge couple’s session while I was visiting.

These two are new parents and their little girl is SO STINKIN’ CUTE!

A lot of couples out there with a little one see taking photos as a daunting task, but I promise… it doesn’t have to be!

I’ve said it before, but photos are fun! Especially Oregon photos.

Sometimes all you need is 15 minutes.

We’ll play games and hang out. I can even just third wheel while the two of you share food truck tacos and margs!

(hint, hint to my couples… that would make for some super cute pics!)

I’ll even help you find the best spots for photos in Oregon, Wisconsin, Minnesota… wherever you want to go!

If you have a new baby at home too, you probably spend most of your day taking care of your littles. That is awesome! You should be proud of what you’ve created and the life you’re building.

Really though… you should also carve out some time to just be a couple…

…in love and snuggly like when you first started dating.

Oh, and don’t forget about the goofiness and tickle fights if that’s your kind of thing. Maybe make it epic by doing a Columbia River Gorge couple’s session complete with a mountain backdrop too?

Whatever that thing was that made you fall in love at the beginning, remember to take 15 minutes to keep doing it.

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