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for the wildly adventurous + madly in love...

for the wild hearts + the Madly in love

wedding + elopement photographer for couples choosing to tie the knot intentionally.

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the experience


Breeanna Kay

intimate. elopement. destination. adventure. 

Does this sound like your idea of a good time?

*popping champagne on top of a mountain
*sharing stuffed crust pizza next to a waterfall
*dancing to records at home in your PJ's
*jumping into a pool in Vegas hand-in-hand

there's beauty in doing things a little differently.

for those who believe

I'm here for the weddings that were planned with 2 real, beating hearts in mind.

Because spending $30k on a day and not being able to enjoy every second of it the way you want to just doesn't resonate with me.

I believe you should look back on your wedding day + feel like every piece that made up your day had meaning.

I'm here to encourage you to skip the formalities and plan a day that 100% represents you.

We can explore this earth, take chances, go on adventures + live out your bucket-list dreams - no matter how crazy or non-traditional you think they are.

I'm pro real, spontaneous moments + capturing the authentic you.

Those quirky little moments that make your relationship unique are what I'm all about.

I'll be there to guide you through crafting that intimate wedding or elopement that doesn't leave you wishing you had more time to just soak in all in together.

Let's do this thing... but let's plan it intentionally!

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"Her heart was wild,
but I didn't want to catch it. 
I wanted to run with it,
to set mine free."

You know how you've always wanted to go on that one epic road-trip or swim next to that icy blue waterfall?  I'm in.

I don't believe life was meant to be lived by admiring everyone else's adventures from behind a screen.


The smell of salty air mixed with street tacos as you make your way to the cliff where you'll say your vows - just the two of you.

Popping champagne on a mountain-top at sunset.

That rush you get seconds before jumping into a pool hand-in-hand with your love.

I'm for couples who crave experiences.


"From the moment we started working with Breeanna, we were blown away. She was fast to respond, organized, and focused on details and providing us with everything we needed to have the best experience possible! She was patient with us, genuinely listened to our questions and was focused on building a relationship with us to capture our day in the best way possible. She was on time, true to her word and helpful in every single way. We had so much fun with her and we are so thrilled we found her! Choosing a photographer was one of the hardest decisions for our wedding, but Breeanna made the process easy and confirmed our decision in having her with us."