Janett + Connor’s Wahclella Falls Styled Elopement

Four years ago, I moved out to Portland, Oregon in what could be seen as an attempt to find myself.

 I had realized that I was no longer happy where I was in the Twin Cities, so I started saving  for a move out west.  At first, California + Colorado were the only two spots on the map I had to decide between… until someone mentioned their home state of Oregon.

The more Google searches I did, the more I was drawn to the Columbia River Gorge, located just outside of Portland.

A couple years after my move and working a job in my chosen career path of accounting, I found myself stuck in a rut again.  I spent all of my time inside a cubicle dealing with someone else’s business issues, when I had no time to take advantage of the reason I had fallen in love with the area in the first place.

This is when I made the decision to again pick up and move back to my home-town of Rice Lake, Wisconsin, where I would build my portfolio.  If I didn’t love my career, I might as well pursue something I was already sure I loved.

A few weeks ago, my friend and I were able to travel back out to hike around Wahclella Falls with this gorgeous and fun couple.  Although I swear the hike was longer than a mile and uphill both ways, the end result was totally worth it.  Not only do these photos hold value to me, but days after these photos were taken, the area was victim to the Eagle Creek Fire.

“The Gorge as we think of it might be altered beyond recognition, but even as the fire still rages, it is already blooming, transmuted by fire, growing into a beautiful new thing in itself, becoming the next beautiful thing it will be for our children.”

Florist – VIP Flowers PDX

Hair/Makeup – Aerographe by Angie


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