Taylor + Kendall – Greenhouse Engagement

Down to Earth Garden Center – Eau Claire, WI

Taylor + Kendall’s greenhouse engagement session has me thinking of all of the ways plants are similar to relationships.

Throughout the last year, I’ve religiously purchased new plants and brought them home with the hope of having them around for many more years to come.

Well, I was in for a rude awakening.

I suck at gardening.

A lot. Not even the resilient plants are safe with me…

So for now, I’ll be focusing on capturing all of this green goodness in other people’s houses, at wedding venues, in nature and during the many more greenhouse engagement sessions that I’m sure are to come.

Why did this greenhouse engagement remind me of relationships?

They’re all different.

When it comes to plants and relationships, no two are the exact same. Some are big, bold and full of wild colors. Others are delicate and sensitive.

There’s no right or wrong.

If you’ve ever felt like that perfect couple down the street who posts couple’s work out routines on social media has it all figured out, think again.

Your quiet candlelit movie marathon and curled up in bed book reading relationship is just as perfect.

They both require care to grow.

Water, sunlight, soil and an occasional trimming.

Okay, don’t take this one literally. Spritzing your partner with water might not be the #1 choice here. A day spent floating the river in the sunlight doesn’t sound too bad though!

Just like the plants in these greenhouse engagement photos, relationships need care.

Without date nights and time spent growing together, your relationship will begin to wilt.

Widely different needs.

When it comes to plants, this one gets me.

Truthfully, I have little post it’s stuck under a handful of my pots reminding me how much (or how little) water and sunlight they need. I just can’t keep it straight otherwise.

Similarly, relationships aren’t one-size-fits-all.

While one couple might thrive on having freedom and time spent with their friends, another might require mass amounts of time alone with their partner before truly being able to blossom.

As you’re scrolling through these engagement photos, take some time to appreciate all of the love and care that made both this couple and this greenhouse grow.

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