Nicole + Chad’s Barn on Stoney Hill Wedding

6.8.19 – Cornell, WI

Shot + Written by Elizabeth (Associate Photographer)

Nicole and Chad’s Barn on Stoney Hill wedding had so many moments that stand out to represent the day.

I love the quote “We do not remember days, we remember moments” by Cesare Pavese.

  • The moment Chad saw Nicole for the first time.
  • Nicole’s dad turning around to see her in her dress.
  • Chad’s father officiating their ceremony.
  • The moment the groomsman gave a speech that had Chad in tears of laughter.

Because of these moments, the framework for an epic day was created.

Most of the day’s moments were carefully planned out.

Moments like s’mores instead of cake and The Barn on Stoney Hill wedding venue, which represents a family farming history represented the couple well.

In addition to the carefully planned moments, the powerful organic moments that happened throughout the day completed their wedding.

“We do not remember days we remember moments.”

Your wedding day memories will be compiled of all of the moments that you’ve spent countless hours planning.

For example, some day you might stumble across a candlestick that reminds you of your table centerpieces. Similarly, iceberg poppies in a painting could remind you of your bridal bouquet. The taste of a s’more will remind you of skipping cake to have messy s’mores with your love instead outside of that WI barn venue.

When planning a wedding it’s easy to think about how quickly the day will be over and the details will be gone. Even though the day will pass, it’s not for nothing.

The details you planned will trigger memories for years to come.

That’s why we encourage you to personalize your wedding details. As a result, you will remember the moments.

The Barn on Stoney Hill Wedding Vendors

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