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Stephanie + Andrew’s Wet + Wild Couple’s Session

Amnicon Falls State Park – South Range, WI

Stephanie and I met 10 years ago (oh my gosh, I know!) during our freshmen year of college.  It’s always a blast reconnecting with old friends and this was no exception.  Spending the evening with Steph + Andrew, I was able to catch a sneak peak into their fairly new, but seriously strong relationship and find out a little bit about what brought them together, aside from the obvious… their bangin’ bodies + ridiculously good looks.

“Andrew said he liked me because I was the sweatiest girl in our CrossFit class, so he knew I was a hard worker.”

When I heard the reason Andrew was attracted to Steph, I thought back to all of the times either myself, my boyfriend or a friend had commented about being sweaty when a friend or partner tried to steal a hug.  Isn’t it funny how things we might find ourselves trying to hide, or feeling self-conscious of can be interpreted as such a huge positive by someone who is admiring us from the outside?

Not that getting sweaty during a CrossFit is something to be ashamed of, because well… let’s face it… making it to any type of fitness class in the first place is something I can only say I’ve accomplished once in my life and I have a huge amount of respect for people who can make this a regular event in their schedule.  If you keep doing what you love and doing it with full confidence, you never know who might be silently cheering you on from the sidelines.


Adventure Couples Photographer – Breeanna Kay Photography


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