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Indiana Wedding – 6.8.19

I’ve been to countless weddings where everything went off without a hitch and a handful that were thrown curveballs.

The bride, groom or their friends and family might have spent days before the wedding trying to be sure everything went perfectly. Sometimes, life has other plans.

That’s when you have to roll with the punches.

Something my dad told me before I had any idea I’d become a professional photographer (when my best friend was getting married) was that if anything goes wrong, it’s just another way to remember your wedding.

So the DJ misses his cue and starts the recessional music late?

Yeah, it probably takes everyone a beat to get back on track… but does it really ruin your wedding?

No, your wedding wasn’t ruined.

Now it’s time for Callyn + Austin’s story…

This Indiana wedding had a couple of hurdles. Shout out to my bride and groom, who took them on with so much grace.

For that, I’m so grateful.

Curveball #1

The week of their wedding, I got a text from Callyn. Allure on the Lake, the reception venue she’d gushed over to me, had burned down.

The wedding they’d spent the last year envisioning was being altered just days before their “I dos!”

Thankfully, The Allure (Allure on the Lake’s sister venue) was available and still gave them all of the feels during their tour.

C + A were so thankful for this. They didn’t dwell on their old vision, but they molded their wedding vision to include this new reception venue.

Curveball #2

I’m going to start this section off by saying I care so much about my couples and the experience I give them.

I always leave plenty of time to get to where I’m going and stay true to my word of being somewhere when I say I will.

Sure, wedding timelines occasionally run late. This is why I include extra cushions in my timelines. I would never be the photographer who misses something important.

Except this time… I missed their grand march.

For those of you who aren’t familiar, the grand march usually happens just before dinner. It’s when the wedding party is announced and usually comes in doing some sort of goofy dance move or stunt while the crowd cheers them on.

Folks, I was not even in the building when this happened.

In fact, at that time, I was probably halfway through hauling my gear a full mile to The Allure.

It all started when we wrapped up photos in Michigan City and drove to La Porte for the beginning of this Indiana wedding’s reception events.

Coming into the new city for this IN wedding, I was stopped by barricaded roads and crowds of people setting up chairs to watch what looked like a parade.

I followed the road for a while, assuming I’d find an end to the barricades, only to run into the side road being blocked off. Okay… same thing, but the other direction.

Another barricade.

So I stopped and I asked a man how to get across, his answer was, “You don’t. It’s cruise night.”

I was definitely too far to park and walk, so I found a police officer and asked him how to get around.

After thinking for a while, he directed me to a stop light he thought would still be open. It wasn’t.

In my mind, “The Cruise” was taking over the city.

So I did what any self respecting photographer would do, I turned around and parked as close as I could to the venue. This resulted in me walking a full mile to the venue, but at least it got me there.

I was embarrassed that I’d missed the beginning of their reception, but I was determined to make it right.

The fact is that I could not control the events that were going on that day.

C + A were so understanding, but I was determined to make it right so I could get the dang photos that I knew this couple deserved.

This means, the DJ made an announcement and we grand marched again.

(I heard the second time was better than the first anyway, so I like to look at the first time as a practice round.)

What do I want you to take away from this?

Something little might go wrong on your wedding day and other times your venue will burn down and your photog will get stuck on the other side of a dreaded “Cruise” event, but in the end, it’s still your day.

Roll with the punches and in the words of my gorgeous bride Callyn,

“The place isn’t on fire. The building is still standing, so everything is perfect.”

And she was right. It was perfect.

Photography – Breeanna Kay Photography, Reception Venue – The Allure, Makeup – True Beauty by Dana, Florist – Flowers with Jazz, DJ – Entertainment Express, Gown – Eddy K, Bridesmaid’s Dresses – David’s Bridal, Jewelry – Olive + Piper

This Indiana wedding wasn’t my first time in the state…

Click here to see Callyn + Austin’s Michigan City sunset engagement session!

Fun Fact: We loved their photo locations so much, we did the whole route again on their wedding day!

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