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Why You Need an Engagement Session

Last month I found myself loading up my car for the 14 hour round-trip drive to Michigan City, Indiana.

Um, what?!  You might think I’m crazy.  Yes, I did drive 7 hours there and another 7 hours home to capture engagement photos for Callyn + Austin.  Spoiler alert, I’m not crazy.  I just know the importance of engagement photos.

I could have outsourced this engagement session to another photographer, but I didn’t and you won’t believe how many photo-worthy spots Michigan City is home to!

Here are 3 reasons why you need an engagement session with your photographer before their wedding day.

    1. It helps us get comfortable around each other.  We can grab a drink or an appetizer before your session.  This is where we will bond and get to know all about each other.  Not just what colors you’re choosing for your wedding either.  I want to know what you’re passionate about beyond your wedding day.  You’re leaving your love story in my hands, so I want to tell it in a way that’s true to you.
    1. It will make your wedding day less stressful… for both of us.  I’m not a naturally extroverted person.  This means being introduced to a couple on one of the most important days of their lives seriously freaks me out.  I’ll be with you for the majority of your day, so I want to show up as a friend and be excited with you!  We will have such a great time during your engagement session that during your wedding, you’ll trust my vision because you can’t wait to see what we’ll create next.
  1. We can find out what works.  Some couples are more comfortable with PDA or goofy prompts than others.  An engagement session will give me the chance to figure out what works the best for you so that I can give you photos that are true to who you and we can skip anything that doesn’t work.

These are just a few reasons why you need engagement photos.  Build a relationship with your photographer and trust the process!  I promise, if you trust my vision, I’ll make your session fun and 100% worth your time.

Photography – Breeanna Kay Photography

Still asking yourself, “Should I have an engagement session?”  Don’t take my word for it.  See what The Knot has to say!

Check out more engagement photos by the water here:

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