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Breeanna Kay - Wedding Photographer

I'm mostly known for being passionate, down-to-earth, genuine + slightly quirky.

On a typical day, you can find me putting way too many miles on my car or daydreaming over my next adventure with my cat curled up on my lap.

Guilty of always singing the wrong lyrics and playing one song on the piano for months at a time before trying to perfect a new one, following along to yoga videos at home, being totally in love with candles, Joanna Gaines, lavender lattes + always buying plants that I can't keep alive.

I will probably tell you some of my embarrassing stories (like the summer I tried to learn how to ride a motorcycle) + will most definitely give you an experience that has you wondering where the awkward posing was + when photos became so fun.

Incorporating movement into my sessions is what I do best.  This helps me avoid those awkward images and leaves you with natural looking photos that make you feel all of the emotions.


Photography is not just a weekend hobby, but is my full-time career + passion; because of this, I'll give you quality products + an experience you can't wait to share with your friends.

Sessions are super fun + totally laid-back.  Before your engagement session, I'm always down to grab a drink or an appetizer and hear your story.  This helps us get comfortable so I can capture the real you.

On your wedding day, I'll be there to teach you how to cut your cake, fix your hair + capture those moments when you're laughing so hard you're crying... or that one time you broke your shoe dancing too hard to Cotton-Eye Joe (been there).

Couples who are comfortable getting emotional, cuddly, silly + want to go on an epic adventure, let's chat! I'd love to get to know you.

"We had a session with Breeanna and it was fantastic. Because of her excellent direction and prompts our photos not only turned or fantastic but we also had so much fun. I’m in love with our photos! Thank you Breeanna!"

-Samantha, 2018
Flagstaff, AZ

Hiking, tubing, camping, road-trips + exploring!  I'm always up for spontaneous outings.



My creative space and home to my four-legged best friend, Willow.



Chasing mountains, oceans + (sorry TLC) waterfalls too.



Whether it's a wedding or on my coffee table, the bigger the bouquet, the better.



Always wanting to experience other cultures and create art in epic locations.  Destination weddings + adventure sessions - YES PLEASE!



Time to rejuvenate, relax, read, drink coffee or cuddle up with my boyfriend and watch a movie.



My Must Haves

There's little I love more than a grand adventure.  I'm inspired by new locations and the uniqueness each perfectly imperfect love story brings to the table.

in my spare time

When I'm not photographing, I can be found curled up on our coach with a candle lit, enjoying a glass of wine with my boyfriend.

in my spare time