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Breeanna Kay


Taylor + Mitch’s Botanical Garden Engagement

Why are engagement photos important?

  Occasionally, I’ll receive a message reading something like this:

“Hey!  We’re super interested in your XYZ package, but won’t be needing engagement photos.  What would the new cost be?”

I’ll start of by saying, that an engagement session is included with all of my packages as a gift to my couples because it’s important in making sure you love your wedding photos and that you have en enjoyable experience.

An engagement session gives me a chance to spend time with my couples face-to-face and helps us build a relationship prior to the wedding day.  (Imagine walking in to photograph the biggest day of someone’s life and having to be introduced to the bride/groom for the first time!)  I have the chance to figure out which poses and prompts work best for you and you’ll learn the ways I like to direct and work with my couples.

Being comfortable with each other ensures that we’re able to build a level of comfort so your wedding day photos are enjoyable and efficient on what can be an otherwise crazy day!

Venue: Olbich Botanical Gardens – Madison, Wisconsin


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